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Verity Studios AG at CeBIT 2017

At Verity Studios the magic is real. Our showcase video presents some of our more stunning recent creations, ranging from our troupe of bespoke drones performing daily with Cirque du Soleil on Broadway to our newest product, the Synthetic Swarm; a turnkey drone show system featuring choreographed clusters of our FireFly mini-drones.

The organization

Verity Studios produces drone show systems for live events and stage productions. Its custom-made flying machines and indoor positioning system enable show creators to produce Synthetic Swarms and complex aerial choreographies using any number of drones of varying sizes. They can interact with performers onstage and their motion and onboard lighting can be synchronized to music, video, and other stage effects.


Hall 6, Booth E30


Zürcherstrasse 39
8952 Schlieren (Zurich)

T. +41 44 586 55 88
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