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U-NICA Solutions AG at CeBIT 2017

U-NICA presents innovative products based on advanced imaging technology. The scryptoSIGHT shopping assistant illustrates the power of AR to enhance consumer experience. We demonstrate scryptoTRACE, the world-leading end-to-end brand protection suite. surTRACE is an outstanding anti-counterfeit module for identifying products based on their unique surface structure. maTRACE uses an innovative TOF chip to conclusively detect any FL-based security markers.

The organization

The U-NICA Group is a Swiss company with global operations. We provide easy-to-use product and brand protection solutions based on innovative imaging technologies. Scalable software solutions allow our customers to authenticate, verify and identify their products using mobile devices including state-of-the-art smartphones. U-NICA’s flexible technologies are furthermore used for applications that support pre-and post-sale servicesas well as consumer engagement.


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