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SONECT at CeBIT 2017

Everybody with an apartment can act via AirBnB as hotel, everybody driving a car may act as taxi with UBER and everybody who has cash can act as an ATM, thanks to SONECT.
SONECT is a location based match making platform that connects those who want to withdraw cash with those who want to deposit cash – typically shop owners.
CASH – with just one click!

The organization

SONECT solves 3 problems:
Clients get the opportunity to withdraw cash literally everywhere, without having to search for an ATM.
Shops increase their custumor frequency and can lower their amount of cash.
Banks can save up to 50% of their ATM operational costs and offer a better service to their clients by increasing the number of cash withdrawl points


Hall 6, Booth E30
SCALE11, Booth B51


Schüracherstutz 5
8306 Brüttisellen

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