ICT Switzerland Background

ICTswitzerland at CeBIT 2017

The umbrella organisation ICTswitzerland supports and coordinates all activities relating to Switzerland's participation in CeBIT 2017. To do so, it works in close collaboration with the Swiss government, the official office of Deutsche Messe Hannover in Switzerland/Liechtenstein, other participating institutions and the organising partner T-LINK Management AG. It aims to enhance the country’s international reputation as a successful ICT nation, and to effectively position domestic high-performance products in emerging markets worldwide.

The organization

ICTswitzerland is the umbrella organisation of Switzerland's trade associations, providers and users of information and communications technology (ICT). ICTswitzerland is a common voice in dealings with the general public, the authorities and other associations, and serves as a synergy platform for activities and common interests. ICTswitzerland aims to promote and further develop ICT and the specialists and organisations who work in ICT in Switzerland.


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