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Advertima AG

Advertima AG at CeBIT 2017

Advertima will use an impressive case study carried out in a Swiss shopping mall to demonstrate its capabilities. Part of the technology will also be presented on a screen at the CeBIT.

The organization

Advertima develops an artificial intelligence which uses input sensors (i.e. cameras) to analyze and interpret real-world environments. By combining technologies such as machine learning and computer vision, Advertima is capable of detecting people‘s age, gender, mood and even fashion style. In a nutshell: Advertima teaches the computer to see, hear and understand everything that happens in the environment, just like a human. This information is used to create personalized and positive experiences for everyone.


Hall 6, Booth E30


Lerchenfeldstrasse 3
9014 St. Gallen
T. +41 78 679 17 56
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