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digital.swiss – Monitoring Digitalization in Switzerland

​Digitalization is increasingly driving innovation in economy and society. It is vital for us to proactively take advantage of the ongoing transformation processes to position Switzerland as innovative and competitive business location in the future. With digital.swiss, ICTswitzerland created a synergetic platform for gathering information on digitalization and showing the potential of possible future actions to take.

The project digital.swiss builds on the digital agenda 2.0 and addresses challenges and opportunities of digitalization in 15 topic areas. It uses an especially developed scorecard for measuring current states of digitalization in Switzerland. Based on the scorecard’s findings, the digital.swiss Index documents the development over the following years. digital.swiss is designed to identify fields of action for Switzerland facing the challenges of digital transformation and to engage the broader public in dialog. The project allows to draw conclusions on how to drive innovation, and motivates people in Switzerland to take the initiative to increasingly create value across all economic sectors. Furthermore, it encourages to create and establish smart services and products branded as "Swiss"


digital.swiss Index

digital.swiss Index is an indicator to measure how far digitalization has progressed and is developing in Switzerland. It documents the state of progress in 15 topic areas. Reference value of the Index is a digitalization rate of 100%. Based on the results of the scorecard (which will be described as follows) the Index pursues the goal of achieving an optimum digitalization rate of the country. The digital.swiss Index has been measured for the first time in March 2016, which is the starting point for continued measurements over the next years in order to reflect digitalization performance and progress over a longer time period.

Who is behind digital.swiss?

The steering board composed of 10 members heads the project from the operational perspective.

Members of the steering board

News digital.swiss

Relaunch of the digital.swiss platform – ICTswitzerland, economiesuisse and digitalswitzerland team up

"Inform, involve, initiate" is the motto of digital.swiss. The platform for the digitalisation of Switzerland was created in 2016 by ICTswitzerland and today is a joint project of ICTswitzerland, economiesuisse and digitalswitzerland. A comprehensive update of the platform is now available with new indicators, parameters and all the data bases and calculations. The indicators are now more intuitive and understandable: one can see at a glance how urgent the need for action is in the various thematic categories. Since the project was started over a year ago, much of the data has been updated so the first emerging trends can now be read.More

National Councillor Marcel Dobler is the new Chairman of ICTswitzerland

At yesterday's ICTswitzerland Conference of Delegates, National Councillor Marcel Dobler was unanimously elected as the new Chairman. Dobler takes over from Ruedi Noser, Member of the Council of States, who has been the Chairman of the umbrella organisation since 2009. The new Vice-Chairman is National Councillor Franz Grüter.More

digital.swiss – One-stop shop for information about digitization in Switzerland

Yesterday marked the official launch of the digital.swiss domain. digital.swiss is the platform that provides concise information on the status of digitization in Switzerland and invites interested parties to engage in a discussion on the topic. This online platform measures Switzerland's level of digitization using an index and scorecard while also providing an overview of digitization, projects and events. Representatives from the realms of industry, politics, administration and interested members of the public are invited to share information on the platform and stimulate discussions. We want to work together to develop ideas and prompt initiatives that will drive digitization forward in Switzerland.More

ICTswitzerland launches first index for monitoring digitalization in Switzerland

digital.swiss is the new platform focusing on the progress of digitalization in Switzerland. A key part of the initiative is the digital.swiss Index, which has been created and developed in collaboration with 100 experts. Over 60 indicators on the state of digitalization in 15 topic areas were analyzed and summarized in a scorecard. The result is a platform to inspire and activate users to further drive digitalization in Switzerland.More

Wirtschaft präsentiert Vision «Smart Switzerland»

economiesuisse und ICTswitzerland präsentieren zum zweiten Mal ihre Digitale Agenda mit Zielsetzungen und Forderungen, um die Schweiz unter die besten digitalen Volkswirtschaften der Welt zu führen. Damit dies gelingt, braucht es passende politische Rahmenbedingungen – etwa durch die Vergabe einer hoheitlichen digitalen Identität an alle Bürgerinnen und Bürger oder durch richtige Anreize im Energie- und Mobilitätsbereich.More