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CeBIT 2017 in retrospect

At CeBIT 2017 Switzerland presented itself as a leading ICT player with established companies, innovative start-ups, and top academic institutions.

Switzerland cements its role as innovation leader

“At CeBIT, Switzerland is showing itself to be a world champion in innovation,” summarized Ambassador Christine Schraner Burgener at the opening of the SWISS Pavilion.

Botschafterin Christine Schraner Burgener

Impressions CeBIT 2017

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Portraits of the Swiss exhibitors CeBIT 2017

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SWISS Pavilion Arena 2017

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Press Commentaries on CeBIT 2017

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CeBIT Partner Country 2016

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Switzerland’s performance – An overview

Top exhibitors: The two PostAuto AG SmartShuttles were a definite hit with the public. More than 10 000 CeBIT visitors took a ride on the self-driving buses. Further showcase exhibits such as Fotokite attracted crowds to the SWISS Pavilion. To the list of Swiss exhibitors.

5000 Passagier PostAuto

Keynotes: “The stage presence we enjoyed in the SWISS Pavilion Arena was critical for our success at CeBIT,” commented Mathias Wegmüller, founder of Qumram AG. Damir Bogdan, Digitialization & Innovation Lead at Actvide AG, was the arena moderator and guided visitors through the Swiss start-up ecosystem. In addition, Switzerland was represented in the CeBIT Global Conferences CGC with a discussion between Axel P. Lehmann, Group COO UBS Group AG, and Brad Smith, President and CLO, Microsoft Corporation.

Mathias Wegmüller, Gründer von Qumram AG

Networking: CeBIT was once again a meeting point for players from the Swiss ICT scene. On Monday, the Swiss delegation accompanied by National Councillors Marcel Dobler and Beat Flach, Ambassador Christine Schraner Burgener, Ambassador Eric Jakob, Head of the Promotion Activities Directorate at the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO, and Josef Widmer, Deputy Director of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation, visited exhibitors.

Delegationsbesuch am SWISS Pavilion

CeBIT 2018 – The start of a new era

​ICTswitzerland is enthusiastic about the new format for CeBIT, which as of 2018 will be held in June (11 to 15 June 2018) and, as a five-day technology festival, will focus more on Generation Y. With this year’s synergy of start-ups, academic institutions, and established companies, ICTswitzerland feels well prepared for the future and will continue to develop Switzerland’s appearance to match the new CeBIT design.

CeBIT 2018

News CeBIT

Switzerland cements its role as innovation leader

Today is the final day of CeBIT 2017 in Hanover. Switzerland presented itself as a leading ICT player with established companies, innovative start-ups, and top academic institutions. More than 10 000 CeBIT visitors enjoyed a ride on the self-driving SmartShuttles, and showcase exhibits such as the Fotokite flying robot attracted crowds to the SWISS Pavilion. In 2018, CeBIT will take place in June for the first time and as a “technology festival” will focus more on Generation Y. ICTswitzerland is enthusiastic about the new format and is planning to redesign Switzerland’s presence accordingly. More

Swiss kick-off with the first start-up pitches and a distinguished visitor delegation

CeBIT, the world’s largest B2B trade fair for the digital economy, opens today in Hanover. Switzerland will offer the international mix of visitors outstanding exhibitors, exciting keynotes at the SWISS Pavilion Arena and innovative start-up pitches. Ambassador Christine Schraner Burgener officially opened the SWISS Pavilion in Hall 6 today at noon. More

Exclusive CeBIT taster: eight ICT start-ups in speed pitch

CeBIT, the world’s foremost B2B trade fair for the digital world, will take place in Hanover on 20–24 March 2017. This year, Switzerland’s appearance will be centred on innovative ICT start-ups. Eight of those start-ups will be pitching their innovative products, solutions and systems at a CeBIT press reception in Zurich today. Switzerland’s start-ups will then pitch their ideas to an international audience at CeBIT. Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann will attend the start-up pitch event on the first day of the trade fair.More

Outlook of the Swiss highlights at CeBIT 2017

Visionary and innovative – Switzerland shows its true colours at CeBIT 2017 (20 - 24 March, Hanover). Swiss exhibitors will also include Swiss Post with its self-driving PostBus and ETH Zurich with its Fotokite Phi quadcopter. People attending today's international CeBIT Press Preview will get a sneak peek at the presences of these two Swiss companies. Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann will officially open up the SWISS Pavilion on the first day of the exhibition. More

Swiss ICT industry scores with innovative strength

Autonomous SmartShuttles chauffeuring visitors across the exhibition grounds; aerial photography by a flying robot that is steered easily and safely on a leash, much like a kite – these are two of the many innovations showcasing the innovative strength of the Swiss ICT industry at CeBIT 2017 in Hanover. The SWISS Pavilion with direct access to the SCALE11 start-up platform offers Swiss start-ups an opportunity to publicly present their innovative projects to an international audience. The umbrella organisation ICTswitzerland uses the Swiss Pavilion and special travel packages as a means of promoting the Swiss ICT industry on the international stage and helping it tap foreign markets.More

Major Swiss presence at CeBIT 2017 – become an exhibitor

ICTswitzerland will set up a SWISS Pavilion once again at CeBIT 2017 (20 – 24 March) to exploit and build upon the attention that has already been drawn towards Switzerland. To secure the best possible position for your company, express your interest today. More

Swiss ICT industry makes strong impression on international stage: Substantial Swiss presence planned again for 2017

Over the last five days, the CeBIT tradeshow in Hannover, Germany, served as a central hub for the global ICT industry. Switzerland made good use of its special profile as this year’s official CeBIT Partner Country, presenting itself to an international audience as a highly innovative business location with a thriving startup and spinoff scene – and as a reliable partner with established ICT enterprises and excellent institutions of higher education. Numerous meetings between high-ranking political figures and businesspeople proved highly effective in enhancing relations between Germany and Switzerland. In the words of Swiss Federal President Johann N. Schneider-Ammann: “We are here to peer ahead into our digital future, and to ask how our joint efforts can contribute to that future – in the economy, society and political arena.” ICTswitzerland is committed to maintaining a strong Swiss presence at CeBIT in the future.More

CeBIT Start – Switzerland is globally high-profile

The CeBIT in Hanover, the world’s largest B2B event for the digital economy, starts today. The focus is on Switzerland as this year’s partner country, which will provide a top-class supporting programme along with first-class exhibitors. Today, the Swiss President of the Federal Council, Johann N. Schneider-Ammann and the German Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Sigmar Gabriel will declare the trade fair officially open. The live streaming of the Welcome Night will be broadcast from 6 pm onwards.More

How Switzerland will be presenting itself to international ICT visitors

CeBIT, the world's largest B2B trade fair for the digital world, will take place in Hanover on 14-18 March 2016. ICTswitzerland and 11 companies are hosting a press reception in Zurich today to provide a taster of Switzerland's appearance as CeBIT's Partner Country. They will be introducing the latest projects and innovations which they will then present to international visitors at CeBIT 2016. The programme of the SWISS Pavilion Arena will also be unveiled. More

Swiss highlights at CeBIT 2016

CeBIT, the world's largest trade fair for the digitization of business, administration and society, will open its doors on 14 March 2016 in Hanover. The highlights of the upcoming trade fair will be shown by 29 exhibitors at the CeBIT Press Preview 2016. The five Swiss exhibitors – SIX Group, AdNovum Informatik AG, the start-up Wingtra, the ETH Zurich and Noser Young Professionals AG – will provide a preview of Switzerland as the Partner Country of CeBIT 2016.More

Partner country Switzerland: innovative strength and digital competence

In 2016, Switzerland will play a key role as the partner country of CeBIT, the world's leading platform for the digital economy, where it will be represented by the approximately 1500m² Partner country SWISS pavilion. With Switzerland's incoming president in attendance and appearances by leading scientists and businessmen at the opening events, Switzerland will take centre stage before an international audience. More

CeBIT welcomes Switzerland as its 2016 partner country

“There’s barely a country on the planet that’s more committed to the pursuit of digitization. This makes Switzerland predestined for the role of Partner Country at the upcoming CeBIT,” commented Oliver Frese, the Deutsche Messe Managing Board member responsible for CeBIT. More

Switzerland to partner CeBIT 2016

Switzerland will be the partner country for CeBIT in Hanover, the largest b2b event in the digital world. This is a unique opportunity to present Switzerland's innovative strength and digital expertise to an international audience.More

CeBIT 2015 final report

The organisers of CeBIT say they are pleased with this year's event. Two final reports summarise the top trends of the CeBIT 2015 and look back at a trade fair that is going from strength to strength.More

Switzerland at CeBIT 2015 - a video documentary

On 19 March 2015, two charter planes flew to Hanover from Berne and Zurich, bringing a group of delegates to CeBIT 2015, the world's leading trade fair for the digital economy. A young team of trainee mediamaticians accompanied the journey and took a video documentary giving impressions of the one-day trip.More

Review of CeBIT 2015

On 19 March 2015, two charter planes flew to Hanover from Berne and Zurich, bringing a group of delegates to CeBIT 2015, the world's leading trade fair for the digital economy.More

Switzerland to double its presence at the CeBIT SWISS Pavilions

Switzerland has significantly strengthened its presence at CeBIT in recent years: the SWISS Pavilions will have twice as much exhibition space as last year; for the first time ever, ICTswitzerland has chartered flights from Zurich and Berne to bring nearly 200 participants for a one-day visit to the CeBIT.More

CeBIT 2015 – Ein starker Auftritt der Schweiz

Im Rahmen der gemeinsamen Medienkonferenz von der CeBIT, der Handelskammer Deutschland-Schweiz und ICTswitzerland am 25. September 2014 in Zürich wurden alle Neuigkeiten zum Schweizer Auftritt an der weltweit bedeutendsten Plattform der digitalen Wirtschaft bekannt gegeben.More

CeBIT 2015

Vom 16. bis 20. März 2015 öffnete die weltweit führende Messe der digitalen Wirtschaft CeBIT in Hannover ihre Tore. Die Schweiz zeigte grosse Präsenz.More

Eindrücke der Delegationsreise an die CeBIT als Videodokumentation

Am 14. März 2014 flog eine rund 150-köpfige Delegation der Schweizer ICT-Wirtschaft mit einem exklusiven Charterflug nach Hannover an die CeBIT. Die Reise wurde von einem jungen Team lernender Mediamatiker begleitet, die ihre Impressionen und die positiven Vibes der diesjährigen CeBIT in einem eindrücklichen Video präsentieren. More

Der ICTswitzerland-Charter zur CeBIT 2014 ist ausgebucht

Der A320 Charterflug zur gemeinsamen Tagesreise der Schweizer ICT-Szene an die CeBIT am Freitag, 14. März 2014 ist ausgebucht! Durch einen starken Auftritt an der CeBIT will ICTswitzerland die internationale Sichtbarkeit der Schweiz als erfolgreiche ICT-Nation erhöhen. Die CeBIT soll langfristig zum zentralen Dreh- und Angelpunkt der Schweizer ICT-Anbieter und Anwenderunternehmen werden. More

Roboy reist im März 2014 an die CeBIT nach Hannover

Roboy, der Humanoid-Roboter des Artificial Intelligence Lab der Universität Zürich, geht erneut auf Reisen. Nach seinen Auftritten in Beijing, Shanghai, und Washington reist er im März 2014 an die CeBIT, die weltweit wichtigste Veranstaltung der digitalen Wirtschaft. Der Roboy wird auf dem neuen Schweizer Gemeinschafts-Pavilion «Research & Innovation» die Innovationsführerschaft der Schweiz repräsentieren. More

CeBIT 2013 – «Shareconomy»

Die Anwendung von Cloud-Technologien ist aktuell einer der stärksten Trends in der ICT-Branche. Mit dem Thema «Shareconomy» rückte die CeBIT den Wandel des gesellschaftlichen Verständnisses vom Haben zum Teilen, von gemeinsamen Wissen, Ressourcen und Erfahrungen, in den Mittelpunkt der diesjährigen Messe.More