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The Swiss software industry is growing

The Swiss Software Industry Survey (SSIS), commissioned by ICTswitzerland and conducted by the University of Bern, was presented today at the CNO Panel 2017 event. It is the largest study of the Swiss software industry and the only one of its kind to enable conclusions to be drawn about the following year’s revenue growth and headcount. Thanks to a record number of participants and an improved extrapolation method from the Institut für Wirtschaftsstudien Basel AG (institute for economic studies), it has proved possible to generate particularly informative results. This year’s study focused on the Swiss software industry’s role in the digital transformation of Switzerland. This was the first time the SSIS also analysed the internationalisation of the value chain of Swiss software companies.More

Now is the right time to expand into the MENA region

The GITEX Technology Week 2017 was held in Dubai from 8 to 12 October. For Swiss companies wishing to expand into the dynamic markets of the Gulf States, Indian and North Africa, the leading ICT trade fair in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region provides an important platform. At the SWISS Pavilion, exhibitors from Switzerland were again able to count on an established platform with ideal networking opportunities. The results were positive.More

“Digital test” by ICTswitzerland – excessive special legislation is harming the digital economy

ICTswitzerland, the umbrella organisation for the ICT industry, has put the regulatory framework conditions in Switzerland to a “digital test” at the request of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). In the concluding expert opinion to SECO, ICTswitzerland identified an urgent need for action in the areas of electronic ID, the framework conditions for handling of data, and the proposals for expanding digital infrastructure. The members of the ICT umbrella organisation see the greatest obstacles to the digital transformation in the numerous political demands for new rules and regulations and excessive special legislation.More

Relaunch of the digital.swiss platform – ICTswitzerland, economiesuisse and digitalswitzerland team up

"Inform, involve, initiate" is the motto of digital.swiss. The platform for the digitalisation of Switzerland was created in 2016 by ICTswitzerland and today is a joint project of ICTswitzerland, economiesuisse and digitalswitzerland. A comprehensive update of the platform is now available with new indicators, parameters and all the data bases and calculations. The indicators are now more intuitive and understandable: one can see at a glance how urgent the need for action is in the various thematic categories. Since the project was started over a year ago, much of the data has been updated so the first emerging trends can now be read.More

Federal government's proposal on implementation goes too far and creates legal uncertainty

The consultation procedure on the Ordinance concerning the new surveillance of post and telecommunications ends on Thursday. ICTswitzerland is of the view that the Ordinance exceeds the intended purpose as well as the framework of the law and, due to the unclear and general terms used, results in considerable legal uncertainty – both for the telecommunication providers affected and also for law enforcement. Therefore, our umbrella organisation requests that in its implementation the Federal Council should adhere to the provisions of the legislator and clearly and definitively specify the new surveillance requirements. More

ICTswitzerland joins the Board of the Swiss Employers Confederation

ICTswitzerland, the umbrella organisation for the digital economy, has been accepted onto the Board and Executive Committee of the Swiss Employers Confederation. With approximately 210,000 employees in all business sectors and public administration, ICT is the sixth-largest profession in Switzerland. ICTswitzerland Vice-Chairman and National Councillor Franz Grüter will ensure the issues and expertise of the digital economy are represented in the debate on employer policy.More

The University of Bern is conducting the Swiss Software Industry Survey (SSIS) for the third time in a row with support from ICTswitzerland

The SSIS examines the key performance indicators of the Swiss software industry. With this year’s theme of “Digital Transformation”, the study aims to better understand the role of software companies in the digitalisation of the economy and society. The survey of over 5,000 contacts from the Swiss software industry begins today. ICTswitzerland is encouraging software companies to participate in the study as a means of further increasing their significance and relevance within the Swiss economy.More

ICTswitzerland fordert rasche und flächendeckende Einführung einer staatlich anerkannten elektronischen Identität

Im Rahmen der soeben abgeschlossenen Vernehmlassung zum E-ID-Gesetz unterstützt der Dachverband ICTswitzerland das Ziel des Bundes, die rechtlichen und organisatorischen Rahmenbedingungen zur Einführung einer staatlich anerkannten elektronischen Identität für natürliche Personen zu schaffen. Die elektronische Identität ist eine Grundlage für viele digitale Anwendungen, seien dies private oder staatliche – vom Online-Shopping über E-Banking bis zum E-Voting. Wenn die Schweiz den Zug der Digitalisierung nicht verpassen will, ist es höchste Zeit, bei der Schweizer E-ID rasch vorwärts zu machen.More

ICT careers are being sold short – they offer more than just programming

There is an acute and increasing specialist shortage in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector. At the same time, the percentage of women in this industry is still very low at 14.7% (2015). The ICT economy has not yet succeeded in tapping the potential of suitable female candidates. In light of this situation, a study conducted by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland in cooperation with ICTswitzerland provides concrete recommendations on how to increase the profession’s accessibility and attractiveness.More

Für eine schlanke Gesetzesrevision ohne überschiessenden «Swiss Finish»

[The following press release is only available in German.] Die Schweizer ICT-Wirtschaft unterstützt eine wirksame und moderne Datenschutzgesetzgebung, die Vertrauen zwischen Kunden und Anbietern schafft und die notwenige Äquivalenz gegenüber internationalen Standards sichert. Im Vorentwurf des Bundes zum Datenschutzgesetz, welcher bis gestern in der Vernehmlassung war, sind jedoch zahlreiche Regulierungen vorgesehen, die deutlich über das Ziel hinausschiessen und Schweizer Unternehmen und Institutionen unnötig belasten. Diese für die Schweiz schädlichen Regulierungen sind zu beseitigen.More

Switzerland cements its role as innovation leader

Today is the final day of CeBIT 2017 in Hanover. Switzerland presented itself as a leading ICT player with established companies, innovative start-ups, and top academic institutions. More than 10 000 CeBIT visitors enjoyed a ride on the self-driving SmartShuttles, and showcase exhibits such as the Fotokite flying robot attracted crowds to the SWISS Pavilion. In 2018, CeBIT will take place in June for the first time and as a “technology festival” will focus more on Generation Y. ICTswitzerland is enthusiastic about the new format and is planning to redesign Switzerland’s presence accordingly. More

Swiss kick-off with the first start-up pitches and a distinguished visitor delegation

CeBIT, the world’s largest B2B trade fair for the digital economy, opens today in Hanover. Switzerland will offer the international mix of visitors outstanding exhibitors, exciting keynotes at the SWISS Pavilion Arena and innovative start-up pitches. Ambassador Christine Schraner Burgener officially opened the SWISS Pavilion in Hall 6 today at noon. More

National Councillor Marcel Dobler is the new Chairman of ICTswitzerland

At yesterday's ICTswitzerland Conference of Delegates, National Councillor Marcel Dobler was unanimously elected as the new Chairman. Dobler takes over from Ruedi Noser, Member of the Council of States, who has been the Chairman of the umbrella organisation since 2009. The new Vice-Chairman is National Councillor Franz Grüter.More

Exclusive CeBIT taster: eight ICT start-ups in speed pitch

CeBIT, the world’s foremost B2B trade fair for the digital world, will take place in Hanover on 20–24 March 2017. This year, Switzerland’s appearance will be centred on innovative ICT start-ups. Eight of those start-ups will be pitching their innovative products, solutions and systems at a CeBIT press reception in Zurich today. Switzerland’s start-ups will then pitch their ideas to an international audience at CeBIT. Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann will attend the start-up pitch event on the first day of the trade fair.More

ICTswitzerland endorses the newly submitted Noser and Dobler motions

Enhancing Switzerland's attractiveness as a location for research and investment - The current Chairman of ICTswitzerland, Ruedi Noser, Member of the Council of States, and his designated successor, National Councillor Marcel Dobler, submitted two motions today. Ruedi Noser's motion calls for the introduction of a start-up visa for foreigners who want to found a business and work in Switzerland. Marcel Dobler urges that foreign Masters and PhD graduates of cantonal universities or the Federal Institutes of Technology, with skills and expertise that are in demand, should be given the opportunity to work in Switzerland without bureaucratic or other obstructions being put in their way. ICTswitzerland endorses both these motions. They seek to promote Switzerland's attractiveness as a location for research and investment and to make it possible to exploit the potential offered by highly qualified and skilled workers. More

Outlook of the Swiss highlights at CeBIT 2017

Visionary and innovative – Switzerland shows its true colours at CeBIT 2017 (20 - 24 March, Hanover). Swiss exhibitors will also include Swiss Post with its self-driving PostBus and ETH Zurich with its Fotokite Phi quadcopter. People attending today's international CeBIT Press Preview will get a sneak peek at the presences of these two Swiss companies. Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann will officially open up the SWISS Pavilion on the first day of the exhibition. More

A united force to ensure the success of digitisation in Switzerland

Marcel Dobler, the designated President of ICTswitzerland, handed over the Digital Manifesto to Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann today at the Worldwebforum. Initiated by digitalswitzerland, the Manifesto addresses the realms of politics, business and society to present ideas and demands geared toward ensuring that Switzerland plays a leading role in worldwide digital transformation. ICTswitzerland, the ICT umbrella organisation, welcomes the Digital Manifesto – Switzerland needs to make better use of the potential offered by digitisation. More

The digital economy opposes Web blocking

The Swiss Gambling Act is currently being revised. Having been discussed in the Council of States, the matter has now passed on to the National Council’s legal commission. The present form of the bill proposes Web blocking that would prevent foreign online games being played in Switzerland. From the point of view of the digital economy, this is a wrong and fatally flawed approach. Swiss companies rely on having a free and reliably-functioning Internet. Web blocking makes the Internet less safe, less reliable and is practically useless in preventing foreign games being offered in Switzerland. Modern Web browsers already enable users to circumvent Web blocking in just a few clicks and completely free of charge. More

Nationalrat Marcel Dobler soll neuer ICTswitzerland-Präsident werden

Der Vorstand des ICT-Dachverbandes ICTswitzerland schlägt seiner Delegiertenversammlung vom 16. März 2017 Nationalrat Marcel Dobler als neuen Präsidenten vor. Dobler soll damit die Nachfolge von Ständerat Ruedi Noser antreten, der den Verband seit 2009 präsidiert. Als Vizepräsident konnte Nationalrat Franz Grütter gewonnen werden.More

Swiss ICT industry scores with innovative strength

Autonomous SmartShuttles chauffeuring visitors across the exhibition grounds; aerial photography by a flying robot that is steered easily and safely on a leash, much like a kite – these are two of the many innovations showcasing the innovative strength of the Swiss ICT industry at CeBIT 2017 in Hanover. The SWISS Pavilion with direct access to the SCALE11 start-up platform offers Swiss start-ups an opportunity to publicly present their innovative projects to an international audience. The umbrella organisation ICTswitzerland uses the Swiss Pavilion and special travel packages as a means of promoting the Swiss ICT industry on the international stage and helping it tap foreign markets.More

In spite of a significant increase in training places, Switzerland will still have 25,000 ICT specialists too few

[The following press release is only available in German and French.] Die Anzahl der Beschäftigten im Bereich der Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie (ICT) nimmt weiterhin stark zu. Das ICT-Berufsfeld wächst doppelt so schnell wie das der Gesamtwirtschaft. Die aktuelle Studie des Berufsverbands ICT-Berufsbildung Schweiz prognostiziert bis ins Jahr 2024 einen Mangel an 25'000 ICT-Fachkräften. Bereits heute braucht es in praktisch allen Wirtschaftszweigen ICT-Fachkräfte. Wollen wir weiter erfolgreich sein, müssen wir weiterhin in die berufliche ICT-Grundausbildung sowie in die Weiterbildung investieren und sind auf hoch qualifizierte Fachkräfte aus dem Ausland angewiesen.More

The ICT industry – export growth opportunities

Two studies commissioned by ICTswitzerland were presented at the CNO Panel 2016 event. The latest ICT foreign trade study by the umbrella organisation ICTswitzerland indicates that ICT services are still Switzerland's fifth largest services export sector. Constant growth means Switzerland's ICT services trade balance has almost evened out by now. The Swiss Software Industry Survey (SSIS), published on the same day, shows high but declining profitability in the Swiss software sector. This sector generates almost two thirds of its export revenues in Germany.More

GITEX Technology Week in Dubai - Swiss companies seize opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa

The GITEX Technology Week – one of the world’s largest ICT trade fairs, with more than 4,000 exhibitors from 70 countries, and attracting more than 100,000 visitors – was held in Dubai from 16 to 20 October 2016. The GITEX in Dubai gives access to the markets of the dynamic Gulf States, India and Africa, offering Swiss companies immense potential for expansion into this region. The SWISS Pavilion offered the Swiss exhibitors not only the ideal platform for their products but also a well-established network. Nine Swiss companies were present, and they can look back on a successful week.More

digital.swiss – One-stop shop for information about digitization in Switzerland

Yesterday marked the official launch of the digital.swiss domain. digital.swiss is the platform that provides concise information on the status of digitization in Switzerland and invites interested parties to engage in a discussion on the topic. This online platform measures Switzerland's level of digitization using an index and scorecard while also providing an overview of digitization, projects and events. Representatives from the realms of industry, politics, administration and interested members of the public are invited to share information on the platform and stimulate discussions. We want to work together to develop ideas and prompt initiatives that will drive digitization forward in Switzerland.More

The Swiss Software Industry Survey moves to the second round

The survey of more than 6,000 contacts from the Swiss software industry conducted within the framework of the Swiss Software Industry Survey (SSIS) gets underway today. This is a long-term study by the University of Berne’s Institute of Information Systems, which each year provides information on current trends and on long-term developments in the Swiss software industry. The focus this year is on internationalisation.More

GITEX Technology Week: gateway for Swiss ICT companies

The GITEX Technology Week takes place in Dubai on 16-20 October 2016. With more than 146,000 visitors from 150 countries, it’s one of the world’s largest ICT trade fairs. Following on from Switzerland’s successful appearance as the partner country of the 2016 CeBIT, ICTswitzerland now wants to increase Switzerland’s presence at the GITEX. The aim is to build on the success of the SWISS pavilions at the 2016 CeBIT.More

Urheberrechtsgesetz und Fernmeldegesetz: Fehlregulierungen vermeiden – ICT-Wirtschaft lehnt Revisionsentwürfe ab

[The following press release is only available in German] ICTswitzerland, der Dachverband der ICT-Wirtschaft, lehnt die Gesetzesentwürfe zu den Änderungen des Urheberrechtsgesetzes (URG) und des Fernmeldegesetzes (FMG) ab. Das neue Urheberrechtsgesetz bietet keine zukunftsweisenden Lösungen für eine bessere Bekämpfung der Piraterie. Es dient vielmehr der Sicherung althergebrachter Geschäftsmodelle und verursacht bei den Providern unnötigen Mehraufwand. Beim Fernmeldegesetz sieht ICTswitzerland derzeit keinen Handlungsbedarf: Die aktuelle Reglementierung führt zu guten Marktergebnissen, setzt investitionsfreundliche Rahmenbedingungen und beinhaltet keine regulatorischen Hürden, die den Ausbau der ICT-Infrastruktur verhindern. Die geplante Revision kommt zum falschen Zeitpunkt und gefährdet damit die gute Investitionsdynamik unnötig. More

Swiss ICT industry makes strong impression on international stage: Substantial Swiss presence planned again for 2017

Over the last five days, the CeBIT tradeshow in Hannover, Germany, served as a central hub for the global ICT industry. Switzerland made good use of its special profile as this year’s official CeBIT Partner Country, presenting itself to an international audience as a highly innovative business location with a thriving startup and spinoff scene – and as a reliable partner with established ICT enterprises and excellent institutions of higher education. Numerous meetings between high-ranking political figures and businesspeople proved highly effective in enhancing relations between Germany and Switzerland. In the words of Swiss Federal President Johann N. Schneider-Ammann: “We are here to peer ahead into our digital future, and to ask how our joint efforts can contribute to that future – in the economy, society and political arena.” ICTswitzerland is committed to maintaining a strong Swiss presence at CeBIT in the future.More

CeBIT Start – Switzerland is globally high-profile

The CeBIT in Hanover, the world’s largest B2B event for the digital economy, starts today. The focus is on Switzerland as this year’s partner country, which will provide a top-class supporting programme along with first-class exhibitors. Today, the Swiss President of the Federal Council, Johann N. Schneider-Ammann and the German Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Sigmar Gabriel will declare the trade fair officially open. The live streaming of the Welcome Night will be broadcast from 6 pm onwards.More

ICTswitzerland launches first index for monitoring digitalization in Switzerland

digital.swiss is the new platform focusing on the progress of digitalization in Switzerland. A key part of the initiative is the digital.swiss Index, which has been created and developed in collaboration with 100 experts. Over 60 indicators on the state of digitalization in 15 topic areas were analyzed and summarized in a scorecard. The result is a platform to inspire and activate users to further drive digitalization in Switzerland.More

How Switzerland will be presenting itself to international ICT visitors

CeBIT, the world's largest B2B trade fair for the digital world, will take place in Hanover on 14-18 March 2016. ICTswitzerland and 11 companies are hosting a press reception in Zurich today to provide a taster of Switzerland's appearance as CeBIT's Partner Country. They will be introducing the latest projects and innovations which they will then present to international visitors at CeBIT 2016. The programme of the SWISS Pavilion Arena will also be unveiled. More

Swiss highlights at CeBIT 2016

CeBIT, the world's largest trade fair for the digitization of business, administration and society, will open its doors on 14 March 2016 in Hanover. The highlights of the upcoming trade fair will be shown by 29 exhibitors at the CeBIT Press Preview 2016. The five Swiss exhibitors – SIX Group, AdNovum Informatik AG, the start-up Wingtra, the ETH Zurich and Noser Young Professionals AG – will provide a preview of Switzerland as the Partner Country of CeBIT 2016.More

Partner country Switzerland: innovative strength and digital competence

In 2016, Switzerland will play a key role as the partner country of CeBIT, the world's leading platform for the digital economy, where it will be represented by the approximately 1500m² Partner country SWISS pavilion. With Switzerland's incoming president in attendance and appearances by leading scientists and businessmen at the opening events, Switzerland will take centre stage before an international audience. More

Enhancing the employability of IT professionals

A new study of the Office of Economy and Labour (AWA) and ICTswitzerland shows that job-seeking IT professionals aged 45 and above are generally well qualified. It is possible that recruiting filters reduce their odds of finding a job as they get older. The IT profession lacks transparency because the language used to describe skills and requirements is not uniform. Concrete measures and recommendations aim to improve the employability of domestic IT professionals.More

Significance of the Swiss ICT economy continues to grow

Within the framework of the CNO Panel 2015 meeting, two new studies on information and communications technology have been published: ICTswitzerland presented the first comprehensive ICT foreign trade study and the University of Bern unveiled the new Swiss Software Industry Survey (SSIS).More

Switzerland to partner CeBIT 2016

Switzerland will be the partner country for CeBIT in Hanover, the largest b2b event in the digital world. This is a unique opportunity to present Switzerland's innovative strength and digital expertise to an international audience.More

Switzerland to double its presence at the CeBIT SWISS Pavilions

Switzerland has significantly strengthened its presence at CeBIT in recent years: the SWISS Pavilions will have twice as much exhibition space as last year; for the first time ever, ICTswitzerland has chartered flights from Zurich and Berne to bring nearly 200 participants for a one-day visit to the CeBIT.More

Studie «ICT-Fachkräftesituation | Bedarfsprognose 2022» aufgrund Revision der volkswirtschaftlichen Gesamtrechnung aktualisiert

Die Jahresergebnisse der vom Bundesamt für Statistik (BFS) veröffentlichten Volkswirtschaftlichen Gesamtrechnung wurden am 30. September 2014 revidiert. Die Studie «ICT-Fachkräftesituation | Bedarfsprognose 2022» wurde entsprechend aktualisiert und integriert primär die Anpassungen hinsichtlich der revidierten Bruttowertschöpfung und des Bruttoinlandprodukts. More

Erfolgreicher Schweizer Auftritt an der GITEX Technology Week in Dubai

Vergangene Woche präsentierten zehn Schweizer Unternehmen ihre innovativen Lösungen an der diesjährigen GITEX Technology Week in Dubai. Die Firmen überzeugten mit ihrem Auftritt und ziehen eine äusserst positive Bilanz. Das enorme Potential der Golfstaaten für Unternehmen aus der Schweizer ICT-Wirtschaft wird erneut betont. More

CeBIT 2015 – Ein starker Auftritt der Schweiz

Im Rahmen der gemeinsamen Medienkonferenz von der CeBIT, der Handelskammer Deutschland-Schweiz und ICTswitzerland am 25. September 2014 in Zürich wurden alle Neuigkeiten zum Schweizer Auftritt an der weltweit bedeutendsten Plattform der digitalen Wirtschaft bekannt gegeben.More

Urheberrecht: Neue Geschäftsmodelle statt staatliche Zwangsmassnahmen

Der Bundesrat will das Urheberrecht modernisieren, wie er in einer Mitteilung vom 6. Juni 2014 bekannt gab. ICTswitzerland anerkennt die Bedeutung des Urheberrechts und setzt sich für legale und benutzerfreundliche Dienste zum Download und Streaming von Musik, Film und anderen geschützten Werken ein.More

Dritte IT-Beschaffungskonferenz

Am Mittwoch, 27. August 2014 findet an der Universität Bern die dritte IT-Beschaffungskonferenz statt. Dort steht dieses Jahr die Frage im Zentrum, worin sich öffentliche von privaten IT-Beschaffungen unterscheiden.More

Die Schweiz exportiert sechsmal mehr ICT als Käse und Schokolade zusammen

Die neue Studie von ICTswitzerland zeigt, dass das Exportvolumen der Schweizer ICT-Branche im Jahr 2011 rund 9 Mrd. CHF betrug. Die Schweizer ICT-Produkte und -Dienstleistungen gehören somit zu den zehn wichtigsten Exportgruppen. Im Vergleich zu den Schweizer Exportschlagern Käse und Schokolade betrug das Exportvolumen mehr als das Sechsfache.More

Die Initiative «gegen Masseneinwanderung» schafft Probleme und bietet keine Lösungen

Heute haben Verbände aus allen Branchen der Schweizer Wirtschaft gemeinsam vor den Medien dargelegt, warum sie die SVP-Initiative «gegen Masseneinwanderung» ablehnen. Die Initiative löst keine Probleme, sondern gefährdet den erfolgreichen Bilateralen Weg. Sie vermischt Arbeitsmarkt-, Ausländer- und Asylpolitik, schafft eine teure Bürokratie, verschärft den Fachkräftemangel und stellt die Schweizer Wirtschaft ins Abseits.More

Für die ICT-Wirtschaft sind ausländische Fachkräfte unverzichtbar

ICTswitzerland lehnt die Volksinitiative «gegen Masseneinwanderung» der SVP klar ab. Bereits heute kann der Bedarf der Unternehmen an qualifizierten ICT-Arbeitskräften nicht ausreichend gedeckt werden. Durch die SVP-Initiative, die neu auch Höchstzahlen und Kontingente für Zuwanderer aus Europa fordert, würde die Situation dramatisch verschärfen. More

Roboy reist im März 2014 an die CeBIT nach Hannover

Roboy, der Humanoid-Roboter des Artificial Intelligence Lab der Universität Zürich, geht erneut auf Reisen. Nach seinen Auftritten in Beijing, Shanghai, und Washington reist er im März 2014 an die CeBIT, die weltweit wichtigste Veranstaltung der digitalen Wirtschaft. Der Roboy wird auf dem neuen Schweizer Gemeinschafts-Pavilion «Research & Innovation» die Innovationsführerschaft der Schweiz repräsentieren. More

Wirtschaftsmotor Internet: Medienkonferenz von ICTswitzerland, Econlab und Google

Im Rahmen der heutigen Medienkonferenz verdeutlichte Andreas Kaelin, Geschäftsführer von ICTswitzerland, die zunehmende wirtschaftliche Bedeutung der ICT in der Schweiz. Die Schweiz ist in den vergangenen zwei Jahrzehnten von einer rasanten Entwicklung der Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie (ICT) geprägt worden. Durch die kommerzielle Nutzung des Internets hat die Schweizer Wirtschaft einen ungeheuren Aufschwung erlebt. Nils Braun von Econlab präsentiert eine aktuelle Studie zur «Ökonomischen Bedeutung des Internets für die Schweiz». More

Traumberuf? Informatik! Kampagne IT-dreamjobs lanciert

Die Schweiz braucht mehr Nachwuchs für die Berufe der Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie. Eine breite Koalition von Vertretern aus Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und öffentlicher Hand lanciert deshalb heute die Kampagne IT-dreamjobs.More

ICTswitzerland begrüsst das ePatientendossier-Gesetz

ICTswitzerland steht der vom Bundesrat verabschiedeten Botschaft zum Bundesgesetz über das elektronische Patientendossier (EPDG) positiv gegenüber. Nach einer langen Entstehungsgeschichte liegt nun eine gute Diskussionsgrundlage für das zukünftige EPDG vor. Zu begrüssen ist insbesondere das Festlegen von einheitlichen Rahmenbedingungen für ein elektronisches Patientendossier. Damit kann die Austauschbarkeit von Patientendaten über Institutions- und Kantonsgrenzen hinweg sicherstellt werden.More

Informatik- und Mediamatik-Lehren sind begehrt

Mehr als 900 zusätzliche ICT-Lehrstellen wurden in den letzten zwei Jahren geschaffen. Rund 8‘200 Ausbildungsplätze für Informatik und Mediamatik gibt es derzeit in der Schweiz. Über 2‘500 Jugendliche haben sich im letzten Jahr für eine ICT-Grundausbildung entschieden. Die Entwicklung ist doppelt erfreulich: Zum einen scheinen die Anstrengungen von ICT-Berufsbildung Schweiz zu greifen, zum andern ist die Zunahme von 13 % an ICT-Lehrverhältnissen im Wettbewerb um die sinkende Zahl an SchulabgängerInnen ein starkes Ergebnis. Dies umso mehr, als dass parallel dazu die Gymnasialquote stetig steigt.More

ICT: Traumberufe für Mittelschülerinnen und Mittelschüler

Mit "Traumberufe-ICT.ch" ist eine Kampagne in Vorbereitung, welche Mittelschülerinnen und Mittelschüler davon überzeugen soll, sich für ein Studium der Informatik zu entscheiden. Mit an Bord sind bereits namhafte Firmen, Verbände und Organisationen. Ab sofort können sich weitere interessierte Unternehmen und Institutionen beteiligen More