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The University of Bern is conducting the Swiss Software Industry Survey (SSIS) for the third time in a row with support from ICTswitzerland

The SSIS examines the key performance indicators of the Swiss software industry. With this year’s theme of “Digital Transformation”, the study aims to better understand the role of software companies in the digitalisation of the economy and society. The survey of over 5,000 contacts from the Swiss software industry begins today. ICTswitzerland is encouraging software companies to participate in the study as a means of further increasing their significance and relevance within the Swiss economy.

The SSIS long-term survey is being conducted by the University of Bern and is the largest study in Switzerland to examine the industry’s key performance indicators. This is now the third time that the growth, profitability, and internationalisation of Swiss software companies are being analysed. Thanks to the longitudinal nature of this study, prognoses and comparisons can be made over a period of time. Software companies benefit directly from taking part as they receive an individualised benchmark.

The software industry is one of the strongest growing sectors in the Swiss economy and makes a significant contribution to giving the country an international competitive edge. “The study results from 2015 and 2016 confirmed that the Swiss software industry has a high rate of revenue growth and also clearly showed that the software industry will continue to play a key role in the success of the Swiss economy,” commented Andreas Kaelin, Association Manager CEO of ICTswitzerland. “Software companies evaluate the development as very positive, especially in the area of employment growth. But there is a lot of room for improvement with regard to the degree of internationalisation.”

The special focus of this year’s SSIS is on digital transformation. The goal is to better understand the role of Swiss software companies as “movers and shakers” in the digitalisation of industry and society. The main focus is on the areas of the digital transformation where Swiss software companies are especially successful and the related skills they must possess to achieve this.

The results of the SSIS will be presented on 31 October 2017 at the CNO Panel.

The survey is available at: University of Bern, SSIS 2017
The complete results of last year’s SSIS are available here.

Contacts for further information:

Andreas Kaelin, CEO of ICTswitzerland
Tel. +41 31 311 62 45
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Dr. Thomas Huber, Institute of Information Systems University of Bern
Tel. +41 31 631 33 75
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Dr. Pascal Sieber, idea and implementation CNO Panel
Tel. + 41 78 777 11 11
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