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Education Commission

ICTswitzerland’s Education Commission is responsible for education, and initial and continuing vocational training in ICT at every level of the education ladder. This therefore spans not only vocational training for ICT specialists but also ICT education at state-run schools. The Commission represents ICTswitzerland’s affiliated trade associations and corporate members with regard to all education needs, and comments on education issues, as well as coordinating with education-related committees and organisations, and advising the ICTswitzerland Management Board. The members of the Education Commission address education needs in person and work within numerous organisations in education, business and the public sector.

The Education Commission’s tasks

The Education Commission’s main tasks include in particular:

  • Representing ICTswitzerland on ICT education and training issues
  • Promoting the integration of ICT education within state-run primary and secondary schools and increasing teachers’ ICT skills
  • Commenting on education issues relating to ICT
  • Analysing national and international efforts with regard to ICT education and developing appropriate measures
  • Coordinating ICT education issues with education-related organisations and committees
  • Applying for support for projects from the Board Committee via the Association Manager CEO
  • Monitoring and steering projects initiated by the Education Commission
  • Drawing up annual programmes and themed focal points
  • Where necessary, requesting changes to its organisational rules from the Management Board

Key issues addressed by the Education Commission

The Education Commission focuses on the following topics, most of which apply across the entire education ladder:

  • Lehrplan 21
  • ICTskills / education standards
  • IT education marketing
  • IT training for teachers
  • Lobbying for IT education

Position papers

The members of the Education Commission