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ICT Vocational Training Switzerland

Established in the spring of 2010 by the umbrella organisation ICTswitzerland and the cantonal and regional professional organisations (OdA), ICT Vocational Training Switzerland has set itself the task of actively combating the shortage of ICT specialists in Switzerland. In so doing, ICT Vocational Training Switzerland is creating the conditions that can ensure a sufficient supply of adequately qualified young ICT professionals to meet the needs of businesses and the public sector to an international standard.

Its committees comprise representatives of the cantonal and regional professional associations (OdA), the chairmen of the large ICT trade associations and numerous business and public-sector representatives.


  • Private- and public-sector employers must be able to find sufficient numbers of qualified IST professionals on the Swiss labour market.
  • Sustainable and broad-based ICT vocational training must play a role in our economy’s productivity.
  • ICT professions must have a very positive image. This must encourage a significantly greater number of people to choose to train in ICT professions than in 2009.
  • Das Image der ICT-Berufe ist hoch. Eine gegenüber 2009 deutlich höhere Anzahl Personen entscheidet sich daher für eine ICT-Berufs-Ausbildung.
  • ICT vocational training qualifications must have a clear position and be internationally recognised. They must therefore offer graduates attractive and promising prospects on domestic and international labour markets.
  • As a professional organisation, ICT-Berufsbildung Schweiz must be a firm part of the ICT landscape and enjoy widespread support.


ICT Vocational Training Switzerland…

  • acts as the representative of the companies working in Switzerland and public administrations with regard to the supply of young ICT professionals.
  • shapes vocational training in ICT in association with the federal government, the cantons and other important partners.
  • ensures that Swiss ICT qualifications are of high quality.
  • is an independent examiner for vocational (federal vocational certificates) and higher vocational (federal diplomas) exams in ICT.
  • works to ensure that ICT qualifications are sufficiently well-known and recognised within the economy.
  • develops a strong network of associations together with the cantonal vocational training organisations.

The Management Board of ICT Vocational Training Switzerland

Additional Information: www.ict-berufsbildung.ch